Balancing Babies, Books And Beads - What It Means To Be A WAHM

And if you don't know what a WAHM is, don't worry. It's an acronym that's only recently entered my vocabulary too. So as it turns out I was one already, long before I even knew what it was. For those of us not in the know, it's the new lingo for Work At Home Mum, a job title that's becoming more and more frequent on our virtual CVs. Let's be perfectly blunt here. No one ever said being a Mum would be easy, and I think most women these days are under no illusions about the trials and tribulations motherhood brings. Chuck into that melting point the decision about whether to return to work or not and it's enough to give any sleep deprived Mum another reason to lie awake all night. Between the

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With thanks to Timea Danci Photography for our gorgeous photoshoot images!

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