• Laura Smith

Life As a WAHM - Podcast Episode

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to record a Podcast with Emma Cottam - the founder of Isabella and Us. Emma is recording a series of Podcasts, all focused on the wellbeing and mental health of mums.

- I chatted with Emma about the ins and outs, highs, lows and all the in between bits about being a work at home mum. The reality can be very different to how many people envisage it, so I tired to give an honest, first hand account of how I got started in it and how I've handled the experience, as well as offering some advice for anyone who might be considering it.


So grab yourself a cup of tea and your headphones, and click here to head over to the Isabella and Us website and take a quick listen! You'll find me on Episode 10!

Laura @ HexNex


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