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Rose Gold Chiming Bola Pregnancy Pendant

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Our beautiful rose gold, 925 sterling silver bola charms, or harmony necklaces, as they are also known, are quite simply the most stunning gift for any mum-to-be. These beautiful pendants originate from Mayan culture, where generations of women have worn them as a good luck charm during pregnancy. The pendant emits a gentle, harmonious tinkling sound as it moves, which is believed to help soothe your baby and promote bonding, throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

Available in a choice of four lengths - you can select either a 32, 34, 36 or 38 inch rose gold plated curb chain. The shorter options are better for petite frames or if you want the charm to sit above your bump. Or, opt for the 36 or 38 inch chain for a taller figure, or if you'd prefer the chime to sit lower, over your bump. Our beautiful model is 5ft 8" and wears a 36 inch chain.

Add an initial charm?
We also offer the option to add on a delicate, hexagon shaped initial tag for £4.95, hand stamped with a single letter of your choice - perfect for personalising this necklace for a special mum-to-be. Add on a tag from the separate listing, available in our shop.

There are two sides to this unique gift; The Science and The Magic!

The Science...
From around 20 weeks, your baby can hear noises from outside the womb, including the mother's heartbeat, her breathing, and the voices of those around them. This soft, chiming pendant, sitting right over a pregnancy bump, emits a soothing and calming tinkling sound, which offers comfort and reassurance. This chiming tone becomes familiar, and, once born, this same noise can help soothe a newborn, reminding them of the comfort and security of being inside the womb, as well as promoting bonding and strengthening the unique love between mum and baby. 

The Magic...
Traditional stories tell us that these Angel Caller charms were given to humans as gifts from angels. Every time the chime rings it acts as a reminder for our guardian angel to watch over and protect us. In our hour of need, the chime can be rung and our guardian angel will come to our aid. The only rule was that the pendant can never be given away, or else the magic will be broken.

Each necklace comes beautifully presented inside one of our luxury gift boxes, and includes a silver polish cloth and a small card insert, explaining the story behind these wonderful charms. You can choose which description to include - either "The Science", or "The Magic", or both!

This beautiful necklace makes a unique and thoughtful gift for a mum-to-be, or also as a sympathy gift in the tragic event of the loss of a baby. The modern, stylish design is contemporary enough to be worn with any outfit and these charms have been made popular by a host of celebrities and famous faces. This necklace is a unique, meaningful gift, perfect for baby showers, and is something the new mum can keep forever - even passing down to a daughter or a grandchild as a unique family keepsake.

Add a Card?

You can also choose to add a greetings card to any order from our store, for only £2.50. Choose from our gorgeous selection of designs (see photo for details) and grab the perfect gift and card combo, all set and ready to go. Simply select your design from the drop down menu, or just choose "No Thanks" if you don't need one. If you're sending directly to someone as a gift, we can also write your personalised message inside the card. Just leave a message in the "Note to Seller" box at the checkout and let us know what you'd like it to say, and we'll take care of the rest.

Chain Info
Please select your preferred length from the drop down menu - choose from 32, 34, 36 or 38 inches. These chains are organically e-coated, 9ct rose gold plated curb chains from Italy. The e-coat means the chain is protected with an organic lacquer, covering every nook and cranny, with an even and consistent protective coat which will keep your chain nice and shiny, whilst helping it resist tarnish. E-Coat is extremely hard wearing and will resist UV breakdown. It will keep your chain looking shiny and new for even longer.